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Gelatin Powder

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Gelatin Powder:

This is pure gelatin powder of excellent quality. This natural gelling agent, entirely based on beef skin.

This gelatin has a Bloom Index of 150.

Powdered gelatin is suitable for binding and thickening creams, mousses, bavarois, custards and fruit jams.

It is necessary to add per liter of product 20 grams of gelatin to obtain the right thickening and 40 grams for a white that does not flow.

Preparation: Pour the required amount of powdered gelatin into the liquid. Heat to 40 ºC, stirring until the gelatin dissolves.

Attention ! The preparation must not cook! Leave to cool and take the mixture to the refrigerator.

Ingredient: bovine gelatin (E441). Bloom 150. Bloom measures the gelling power of gelatin, this index is important in terms of quality. The Bloom degree is generally between 50 and 300. This degree indicates the strength of gelatin's gelling power.

This product is Halal certified.

Note: Gelatin cannot be used with the following fresh fruits: pineapple, kiwi, papaya, mango and ginger.

Content: 60 grams

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