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8 Décors en sucre bébé garçon - Patissland

Baby Boy Sugar Decorations Set/12

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Sugar decorations - Baby Boy:

A baby will soon be born? This set of Baby Boy decorations from FunCakes is very cute to use on cupcakes, but also on cakes and cookies.

Details and recommendations:

Ingredients: sugar (96%), egg white powder , water, stabilizer: E336, thickener: E414, natural flavor (vanilla), coloring: Safflower, E120, E153, E163, E132, E172. This product is certified gluten-free (NL-090-127).

Store in a cool, dry place (12-20°C), away from direct sunlight and free from any smell.

Size: approx. 2x2cm.

Contents: 4 rompers, 2 bottles, 4 babies and 2 strollers.

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