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Citric Acid - 80g

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Citric Acid - FunCakes 80g:

Wondering where to find Citric Acid? It's here and we deliver to your home.

What use to make of it?

Food grade citric acid powder is generally used as a natural preservative in food products. It also gives the sour flavor to soft drinks, for example.

Its formula is used to make royal icing less sweet and makes certain cooking processes easier.

A pinch of powdered citric acid is enough for 500 grams of sugar.

Is E330 dangerous for health? True or false ?

It's wrong. E330 is actually citric acid, extracted from lemons, citrus fruits. A harmless product, which the industry uses as an acidifier or flavor enhancer.

Ingredient: citric acid (E330).

Content: 80 grams.

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